Why have an Ice Cream, when you can have an Experience
"The best ice cream we've ever tasted"

N. Smit

There's a Smile in every spoonful
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“We want the unique taste of our ice cream to rekindle the warm happy moments in your life.”

Everything made from scratch. No Shortcuts. No additives. Just pure natural ingredients

Up Close & Personal

Keeping things simple is the most complicated thing we do.

Just pure natural ingredients as nature provided. No artificial coloring. No artificial flavoring.

Locally sourced ingredients to ensure freshness and quality you can taste in every scoop

About Us

Colaba handcrafted ice cream was conceptualized in June 2017 by Shabana. The culinary genius of her dad fueled her passion and her love for the gourmet world.  Her ability to match natural ingredients to create rich, tantalizing flavors inspired her to new heights.

She initially started making handcrafted ice creams for close family and friends, but demand due to popularity forced her to expand her production.  Eventually, Colaba was born when it opened its doors in January 2020.


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